Soul Mine


It’s been a long time / digging in the soul mine  looking in the dark for something that shines / All I found was coal / All I felt was shame / when I heard that devil calling my name /

Then I found a vein of gold and a vein of blood / I made a vein cry for a vein of love / Something died inside, now I feel better / I bled ’til I shed that scarlet letter /

(Chorus) Hold on tight son / ’til that coal turns to diamonds / Life springs from deep wells / Faith is born in the forge of Hell / Forge on /

Though light be lost and lines be crossed / stay strong /

I lost my name at the center of the earth / I swallowed my pain until I proved my worth / Then it was gone /

Find the truth / it shines right through carbon / I started out digging for diamonds and gold now I’m digging through the long dark night of the soul  to see dawn /


It’s been a long time / digging in the soul mine  looking in the dark for something that shines / All I found was coal / All I felt was shame / when I heard that devil calling my name..

I got roughed up by them mustangs / down in Memphis, Tennessee / where the river runs dry and the women all livin’ offa OxyContin dreams / I said maybe, baby, it’s just me / but there’s a prowler down by the stream / I’m going down to the river just to wash myself clean / I’m going down on the banks of Galilee /

I struck outta luck in Washington, with a gun against my throat / I said maybe she’s a poet / but it’s all murder that she wrote / She left me with a five dollar bill / and a rabbit skin overcoat / I’m going down in the pines / in the pines / gonna let it shine on down, gonna let it shine /

I bought some $10 boots in Houston / from a speed freak named Suzanne / She was jumpin’ up into the chimney / coming back down in the frying pan / I said, baby, maybe you should lay off / that tin foil and the match / and clean up all that garbage you got laying out ‘round back / I’m going down / East Colfax for a bag and some gin / I’m going down just to see what kinda shape I’m in

I got robbed by a federal policeman / down in southern Mexico / He thought I was drunk but I was just on a mescaline roll / Now if you can’t find the truth / that I buried deep in this song / you can go down to the river just to prove me wrong..

Old Jesse was an outlaw / it was just his bad disposition/ Some say he was born that way / I think he probably made a decision / Old Jesse liked the girls / he loved every one he saw / but everybody knows / the sheriff’s daughter, Rose / made him forget them all / Oh, the sheriff was a bad man / but he had a good excuse / The ends will justify the means, my friends / I’m gonna put Jesse’s head in a noose / Jesse said /

(chorus) A woman and a gun / will keep me warm / will keep me warm all through the night / A woman and a gun / will keep me warm / will keep me warm / in the afterlife /

One day by the banks of Green River / the sheriff caught Jesse with his daughter / He spoke not a word, just squeezed that trigger / and blew ‘em both into the water / Jesse felt his feet in the mud / Rose watched a cloud pass made of blood / The river was in their lungs / and these words were on the tip of his tongue /


All my faith is a bullet / all my God is a gun / And all this world is just smoke and mirrors / I’m gonna break them one by one… /

All that’s real is a woman / all that’s true is her flesh / and all you got is her memory / for company after death…

He was a Casanova / like a god he came to show her / But all he had was frightening / all he taught was lightning / so like a storm he passed right over /

(Chrous) And over like a dice / Maybe someday he’ll get lucky / and stop rolling snake eyes / And don’t he deserve it / don’t he deserve just a piece of the pie / But if a man ain’t living on these broken hearts / tell me how is he to survive /

She said your heart is dead and cruel / through your fingers have slipped many fools / But this one is gonna stick/ like a thorn / like a knife / like anew trick, honey / Then her skin blew away like leaves / a flock of aces flew from his sleeve / Her curves were snakes / her breath was drugged / in an instant he fell in love / He said take me / and began to crack / her eyes were heart attacks / One kiss from him to her / then she blew him over /

(Chrous) Slightly different

Ever since I got up today / I’ve been wanting to go to bed / seems like ever since I was born / I’ve been wishing I was dead / I need brotherly love just like a bullet in my head / I wish everyone would get away from me / ‘cause I’m starting to see red /

(Chorus) I said / Being a child of God don’t please me like it should / Given my gift of free will don’t free me like they said it would / You know a deal with the Devil / is starting to sound good /

I was born unto a race who survived by being mean / the empire they built was a mindless money grubbing moron’s wet dream / And if I stay it’s gonna kill me, but I don’t have the strength to leave / so I gasp for air that can’t be spared / ‘cause the apocalypse needs to breathe /


I went down to the crossroads like Robert Johnson of old / ‘cause that’s where you go to deal with the Devil / or at least that’s what I’d been told / All I saw was storm clouds / All I felt was cold / All I heard was a belly laugh /


I’ll give you another hour then I gotta run / gotta fly away and leave you to fall / leave you to stuff your flowers in a shotgun / and below their petals all over the wall / I know you think you’re on a crusade / you’ve got a world to save and it’s hanging by a thread / I know you think you’ve got to be brave / but there’s nothing but a slave inside your head / I know you’re living in a dream world / even though I know this must seem real /

Now everything will fall / I want to go back to Montreal /

So you want to rise above duality / you want to transcend both day and night / I guess I’m old fashioned / I just don’t share your passion / for a never changing eternal twilight / But go on and give oblivion a shot / go on and fade to grey if you’ve got to / And maybe you’ll do better without God / and maybe I’ll do better without you /

Well, I wish that were true / and I wish that were you / sitting across from me / instead of this impersonation of who you used to be /

Everything that we were comes down to this / and all we built were sinking ships / And by tomorrow we’ll both just be shadows on the wall / take me back before we lost it all / I wanna go back to Montreal /

Remember back when you were just a little kid / scared of the dark, laying in your crib / waiting for mama to turn on the light / but she never did / Remember back when you would watch those stars / they seemed so bright and they seemed so far / but you knew one day they’d be falling around you / so today they are /

(Chorus) Because the world turns / just like the sea churns / just like the sun burns / just like we all fall in turn / just like the world turns / and it burns /

I fell into the Bardot / they pulled me back again so / I don’t believe in no happy endings, no / I don’t believe I want to do this again /

Remember back when
you were just a little kid / you said you’d never fall in love / then you did / Now you’re holding your broken heart in your hand / remembering what mama said she said /


(Repeat verse)

I got home late last night / it was all locked up / I guess that’s your way of saying you’ve had enough / I wish I could say the same ’cause I’ve had my fill / but I don’t think this stuff is gonna stop ‘til it kills / 

All the things that I’ve lost don’t even seem to faze me / my devotion to destruction never ceases to amaze me / Either I must be stupid / or just flat out crazy / like you said you’re the first and the last to I ever love me, baby /

I put on a mask every night and go downtown / there life is simple / you make friends by buying rounds / But the mornings are harder because I wake up all alone / with my shame like a fuse burning down to the bone /

I would apologize if I had the sincerity / but these days it don’t seem like there’s much here left of me / you don’t have to speak / I know you agree / Like you said / I’m a ghost of the man / that I used to be /

I’m haunting his skin / here we go again / look at this mess that I’m in / I pray every day / for this madness of to end /

Jesus only told us to hang up our sins / so what did what we do / we hung up him / So we’ve got hangups aplenty and sin in surplus / and a rusty old nail lodged deep inside of each of us /

And this old crown of thorns  / it keeps getting tighter / This golden shining sun / it keeps getting brighter / And all of God’s children are playing with guns / yeah, there’s a rusty old nail / lodged deep inside of everyone /

(Chorus) These nails will corrode on their own / we must not forget / we’re built of oceans and stones / we cannot be broken and we will not be owned / So the Devil may come on strong / but he’ll be leaving alone /

These days pass like dreams and there’s none in between / I sleep like a stone / wake up in a stream / its flow drags me over all manners of pain / until I stumble home to my nail / and I drive it in again /


I had a dark dream of you / damned if it didn’t come true and send us both straight to Hell / Oh, it’s just us and fate / and all these spinning glass plates / we just watched as they fell / But when the smoke had all cleared / we were still standing there / but who are we now / I know the time has come / to make good what we done / but I just don’t know how /

(Chorus) How long does it take / to mend what we break in one night of disease / Forget that I asked / just put me to task / I’m eager to please /

Lay down your head and cry / let out what’s inside / I won’t judge or run / for I hold the same dark shadow / but it’s time to let it go / and step into the sun /


The past is a chain / it holds us down / But there’s no weight to the now / so go on, baby, and spread your wings / release all those things / that had you down /


released December 15, 2017

“Soul Mine” is the second full-length album by Gasoline Lollipops



Rollin’ down a freeway / with my heart chained in my lover’s arms / I can’t see straight / The night’s too late and I’ve come too far / For rest, I detest anything less than an all-out rush to the end / And may the best man win the worst man’s sin /

Rollin’ down a side road with a pistol on the dash / A true man will kill for a lady / only sick men kill for cash /

(Chorus) Pastimes and traditions / I once loved now give me the creeps / like poundin’ my foot on a floorboard or shakin’ my head at sleep / Like a cigarette / explodin’ on concrete of a moonlit street / colossal it hit but still stayed lit / Sounds like resurrection to me /

Rollin’ down a stormy sky / lookin’ God right in his evil eye / I have to ask why I’m bein’ treated treacherously / Maybe it’s ‘cuz of those hearts I stole, or my signature in the Devil’s book of souls / or maybe none of this has to do with me /


The bulb is broken at the top of the stairway / but I can still see the pillow where her hair lay / The pistol is hot in my hand and the trigger burns my fingers as the bullets get bigger / But I / the victim / the true love’s soldier / believe that innocence lies in the eyes of the beholder /

There’s two hot bullets in my lady’s chamber / I’ve been shot and replaced by a stranger / Halfway to Heaven, midway up her stairs / now I’m haulin’ ass to Hell in an electric chair / My lover sleeps soft, through a cold long season, on a teetering loft of my broken love’s treason / Don’t ask me why / It must have been the lullaby I sang to to her while she was freezing /


Down past Leiper’s Fork where the Harpeth bends / Mary Rose came to her end / with a watermelon pit in her mouth / Her pale blue eyes were open wide / and the snowflakes fell inside / High above her gaze / in the sky so grey / the last heron flew south /

(Chorus) Yeah the fire rolls away when there ain’t nothing left to burn / Well, those clouds roll in when summer ends / and the roses wilt in turn / The more you gave the more it took and it just ain’t fair, I know / But at least before you went to sleep / you brought a dream right into this world, yeah / Mary Rose /

That seed it cracked, as the sky turned black / and it slid on down her throat / The moon did rise to say goodbye / A whippoorwill delivered the note /

As her body sank on that muddy bank / a sprout rose through her teeth / A tear did slide from the corner of her eye / The world watched in disbelief / 


As dawn came on / a little boy’s song / broke upon the Harpeth shore / at the place where Mary Rose once laid / But her body laid there no more / Instead a watermelon vine with fruit so fine / like emeralds in the snow they shone / Little Jackson Rose picked the best of those / and it tasted just like home /


It’s hard making friends when nobody’s there / It’s just a sidewalk full of mirrors and vacant stares / It’s hard to share your thoughts when nobody cares / except the creepy psychotherapists selling their wares / And it’s hard to hear my heart above all this noise / It’s hard to keep filling the void with drugs and toys /

(Chorus) But right now there ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t sell / if for just one night I could dim the lights of this hell / I’d take back every wasted tip and every drop that I ever spilled / I’d walk right back to that bar and drink my fill /

It’s late and the bars are closing in on me / But here you come, giving me reason to believe / So, the morning light is dancing in your eyes / But deep inside I know the sun will never rise /

Now it’s late again and the bars are made of steel / and I’m praying again to something that just ain’t real


All that I’ve known so far / have been highways, churches, jails, and bars / But they’ve rounded me well / They showed me Heaven and Hell / But the God of which they tell / was in neither cloud nor flame /

So I made up a God inside my head / But pretty soon it felt like it made me up instead / I hung its picture on the wall / One day there was nothing there at all / Just shadows of rainfall in an empty frame /

(Chorus) I had home on my mind / I guess it just takes some time to realize where I went blind / To see that home that I seek / is in every line of my cheek / So now I smile every time / I pass another mileage sign / Say, That’s that home of mine /

It was in Big Sur I lost my shoes / In a poker game to a pretty dame who traded me the blues / I took ‘em with me all the way / to that blue Manzanillo Bay / It was there they stayed burning in the fire /

(Chorus) (Slightly different)

Now the road seems to shift and swerve / every time I think I’ll finally get what I deserve / Some say you are what you earn / I say you’re nothing if you ain’t learned / That who you are / can never be for hire /


Jesus ain’t dead / he’s asleep home in bed / and Elvis is cookin’ him eggs / Hendrix and Joplin went out to go shoppin’ / They’ll be home before noon with the digs /

And all of God’s children are out busy building an ark / for to sail on the flood / But them wafers ain’t meat / They’re just made of wheat / No one ever got drunk off of blood /

(Chorus) So pass that wine around, my friends / redemption will just have to wait / We’ll be drunk by the time this world comes to an end / and I’ll see you at the old pearly gates /

Yeah, Kurt Cobain / he’s snorting cocaine with Jim Morrison at the bar / Their supper’s getting cold, and Elvis said, I done told them / Jesus said, This time they’ve gone too far  /

And all of God’s legends are out busy pledging their souls to the path of the past / But Jimi and Jim, Kurt and Janis Joplin / all laugh loud, but the kings both laugh last


Jesus ain’t dead / he’s asleep home in bed / and Elvis is cookin’ him eggs

I’m not a rich man / In fact, I’m a vagabond / But after the princes have gone to chase off their blues / and left you with yours / I’ll be there for you /

I have no weapons / I haven’t much muscle or might / But after the war mongers’ fight has put blood in the moon / and it fills your whole night / I’ll be there for you /

(Chorus) Shadows come and go just like rainbows after the storm / And halos ain’t made of gold / They’re made up of all the sweet petals you’ve grown / And they’re stitched up with thorns, and bound by the balance they’ve sworn

I’m not a fall guy / but I can see through this flesh / So I no longer fear death, for if I am to die and to fade into blue / it will be of your sky / It will be of you /


Bare feet on the hardwood floor / ice on the window and wind through the door /she got up before the sun today / Black hair flowing down her back / train whistle blowing from the track and it leads her mind away /

(Chorus) And she thinks about the times when the dreams filled her mind / Now the dreams are filling up her heart / And it comes to her somehow / She don’t need diamonds now / In the hard times, she’s found love /

Bed springs push him to his feet / Smells from the kitchen, it’s time to eat / He remembers the night as the day begins / He slips upon her like a playful child / She turns around and they both smile, and the train whistle blows again /


They’re singing / Hungry wolves stay away from our door / We’re not afraid of the hard times anymore / It don’t matter what’s going down / We’ve got plenty to go around / Love’s the only thing we’re banking on / Through all the struggling years we’ve known / somehow the feelings of love have grown / our hearts were never overdrawn / 

They’re singing / Hungry wolves stay away from our door / we’re not afraid of the hard times anymore / It don’t matter what’s going down / We’ve got plenty to go around / In the hard times, we’ve found love / Yes, in the hard times / we’ve found love

Remember back when you were 15 /  Like the rest of the girls, obsessed with James Dean / You had liquor on your lips and tears in your eyes / all for the sake of a fake man’s lies / I was living the life of a cul de sac / I had 18 years strapped to my back / I wanted nothing more than to break the mold / but you broke me first / you were just 15 years old /

The next time I saw you / your halo was bent / Your room was filled with dried roses that your lovers had sent / Like the rest of your friends / I was full of shit / Like the rest of the drugs / you were so hard to quit /

Vanilla Baby, tequila made you crazy / The love marks you gave me / made you seem more animal than lady /

Now how many days have passed since then / Well, nobody knows / But the weather in my face / surely shows / And I can’t remember where I’ve been since then but I always knew where you were / I saw your smile on every passing mile, that’s for sure / but everything else is just a blur /

There’s a satellite / in orbit black holes might absorb it / asteroids might break its bones / But your / gravity / is pulling me like the moon pulls the sea / I’ll always make it home / Stars fall like rain here  / The lovers just disappear / So hold fast to me, Dear, the future is near / And time slips forever more, as / your slip falls to the floor / Sweat slips from every pore / This is what I live for

When you sent me packing down that Green River Valley / I knew that if you couldn’t then / no one would have me / I lost myself drinkin’ with those stray dogs in the alleys ’til the whiskey soaked my bones /

The night it came on cold / blowing off that muddy river / I felt so goddamned old I didn’t have the strength to shiver / The moon was swallowed whole and when the sky spit back that sliver / I knew I had to go it alone /

(Chorus) Love is free / so take all you can / Just don’t ask me / to be the bigger man / ‘cause I’m all spent / well I gave all I had / But living the good life brotha’ made me bad /

Go on, chase that girl / go on, get that money / Go on, break the world  I know you think it’s full of honey / Maybe someday I’ll look back and think it’s funny / how you always had to burn it down / But right now in the ashes / choking on the smoke / I find it hard to grasp this great big cosmic joke / I’m squinting through the tears / and years of lies and hope / But I know you ain’t comin’ back around /

(Chorus) (Slightly different)

Devil below and God above / take all your armies from my blood / Show me what I’m really made of / More than fear / More than love / And set me free / I’ve done all I can / Just don’t ask me to be the bigger man / ‘cause I’m all spent / I gave all I could / But living the bad life, brother / feels too good


I don’t know where I am / All I see / is where I’m from / All that I do / is all that I’ve done / There’s an echo inside me / I’m lost in its ring / There’s no angel to hide me / from what it will bring /

(Chorus) Just more of the same old story, old game, old lie / But it’s a good place to hide /

Who you gonna call for help / when your well runs dry / You know you gotta save yourself so just climb inside / ‘cuz it’s a good place to hide /

This world’s made of money / My heart’s made of glass / This moment is precious / but it’s chained to the past / And even though I try / I can’t let go / So I just hold on / and dream of tomorrow / But it just brings / more of the same old story / old game, old lie / But it’s a good place to hide /


I’ve lost my wife and hurt my kid, but today I’m gonna pay for the things I did / If I don’t shake this off, I’m dead / Same old ghost, new town / same old jokes, old clown / If I could, I’d burn this down / But there’s no fire in the world like the one inside, no sea so deep as the one I’ve cried / To quench my thirst, God knows I’ve tried / But so it goes / and now I know that there’s no place to hide

Santa Maria, I need your blessings / Please guide my hand / and my gun / You’ve seen my sweet señorita / and I / in deep caressing / Now if I don’t save my love, mamasita / your boy is done /

I admit, she’s not in / the purest of professions / but she’s got nothing but her body left to sell / And with your help, I was planning / to get her / into confession / and send the dirty dog that holds her / straight to Hell /

But shhhhh / Santa Maria / Don’t tell /

The people step aside as I come down the street  they can tell by my look that I’m looking for heat / My black hair’s back and there’s spurs on my feet / a six gun’s the only tongue I got that speaks / And everybody knows who I came here for / the name Sand Man hangs on his door / And everybody knows that I can’t afford to buy my love, so I’m stealing his whore /

Sand Man, come outside, I scream, I’m hungry for your blood / I’m finding you guilty for the crime of putting a price on love / The penalty is death, I say, Come on and beat it if you can / The door swings wide; the children hide / Santa Maria, hold my hand /

Are you talking to me he says, I can’t believe your cahones / never mind the gun that you’re pointing at me, hombre / You’ve gotta lotta nerve, son, comin’ to serve some / death warrant to the fastest gun in the desert / But never mind that now / It’s too late to go back / You’re gonna die for your angel and there’s honor in that / Though I should probably let you know that there’s only whores here / You’ll die anyway /  Oh well, vivir es morir /

I pull my pistol quick / I let go a few loud shots / The adrenalin runs like razors and my stomach’s all in knots / I’m choking on the gun smoke / and I’m trying not to believe / that the Sand Man’s lead is lodged inside me, and there’s blood running down my sleeve /

Santa Maria, I feel I’m dying / My soul’s as empty as my pockets / Santa Maria, is that you crying / I feel the world roll just like my eyes in their sockets /

What’s this now I don’t know how there’s light coming up behind the one that shot me down  Lift my head up off the ground / to see the Sand Man turning around / There’s a gun at his head, staring him down, held tightly in my señorita’s hand / Tu erés el diablo / Adios, Sand Man / CLICK BANG /

Now I’m leaning on my girl as I stagger down the street / I never thought death was something I could ever cheat / But the bullet in my shoulder hurts every time I hold her; it reminds me of Maria / and all I owe her.. / I am just a poor boy from north Michuacan / Now we live in Saulitas / we have both retired our guns / And the bullet near my heart forever reminds me of that day / when Santa Maria shouted loud as a gunshot just to say / LOVE SAVES

released February 14, 2017

The third and final installment of the Gasoline Lollipops’ Lucky 7 Trilogy, “Resurrection” is the Boulder, Colorado alt-country band’s debut LP.



Hey there Mr. P.H.D. / my pain is a mystery /could you use your therapy / to tell me what is wrong with me / Well, hold on son, we’ve just begun / don’t go jumpin’ the proverbial gun /
if you want to be understood talk about your childhood /

(Chorus) I remember the rain / on a sunny day / I remember the way it sounds / and I remember the road / and all the miles we drove but I don’t remember where we were bound / and death was all around /

Come on, doc, don’t hesitate / I told you true so shoot me staight / Oh, my God, I’m a real psycho / I know you’re about to tell me so / Hold on son, we’ve just begun / don’t go jumpin’ the proverbial gun / If you want to know what’s wrong
you gotta talk about your mom /

(Chorus)   I remember her songs / moving through her pipe-organ veins / each time her heart beat pounded / And I remember her voice / like oak and abalone / made me cry, each time it sounded / and death was all around /

Come on Doc, them’s the facts / I told you true so tell me flat / Oh my God, I’m gonna go to hell / tell my friends I said farewell / Well, hold on son, we’ve just begun / don’t go jumpin’ the proverbial gun /
Even though it might make you raw / we got to talk about your pa

I remember feelin’ lost in that old graveyard / but just before I’d cry / he would appear / He taught me that even when he was near I was alone / and how not to fear the tombstone /

It’s true son, you’re pretty ill but take this pill and you’ll feel / fine / and call me if you ever feel up or down / and now I’m livin’ life on a flat line / and I hardly ever notice that death, death, death, /death is still around 

God is in the jack / the devil’s in the ace / I’m a king bettin’ on his queen / but a deuce took her place / Now I’m on the run / the bookie’s makin’ chase / I don’t know what I’m runnin’ from / I’ll never leave this place /

All the dreams I ever had / I drank and drowned within / Now the bottle’s empty, though my head still spins / and this room, and this world, and my friends and kin / in a blaze of glory, then it’s dark again /

(Chorus) My heart is like a ghost town / my veins are empty streets / I’m a wedding gown after the great divorce / I try to keep my head down and my mind off of defeat / but the nightmares just come with greater force /

The church is always closed / the graveyard’s ever open / A steady flow of ghosts roll out like fog / And all the wicked roads I chose / led me down to bein’ broken / where the wind beats you with the breath of God /


My halo flew to heaven, left me below / But no one will ever know / because the angel in me never showed / I’d be in with the devil if I could find those crossroads /

Show me a time that ain’t been laced with pain and cryin’ / Show me a soul that ain’t been riddled with stains and holes / And I would show you to the devil / if I could find those crossroads

Sick in the head / from the heart, to the bed / I lie amidst the rubble of all the sweet things you said / Your perfume’s on the pillow and your ring’s beside the sink /Your picture’s on the wall and inside everything I think /

I won’t sleep / tonight, I know / What the hell am I still doing here / There’s nowhere else to go / Your silence kills more than your lies / So come on, put me out of my misery / I’m praying that you’re brave tonight /

(Chorus) I want to tear this down so I can see / All that wide-open space where I used to be / I want to watch it burn, this failed bed frame / It never held us anyway and now it never will again /

While you lie with your lover unaware of what you kill / I realize I’ve never seen you / now I know I never will / But I hope some day that you find your home / And maybe someday I’ll learn to live alone /

If this ain’t enough what more could I do / Everything I’ve ever loved now belongs to you / What about the truth was so hard to face / That you’d rather leave me in this place /

(Chorus) I want to tear it down, so I can see / That wild open lover that I used to be / I want to watch it burn / this whole sick game / Along with your memory / your love for me / your face / your name / Sofia

I have not been well / I’ve been drinkin’ too much whiskey / and thinkin’ too much hell / I just wanna be free / but I can’t deny the weight of these chains / bearing down on me /

(Chorus) Just give me a fast train / the fuck outa here / Give me a hard rain / make it all disappear / I just wanna lay my head down / and sleep while I ride / wake up when it’s over / over on the other side /

I’ve been sleeping under water / I can’t even hear her / I nearly forgot her / and I’m nothing but a masquerader stealing life from my creator /


Met a greyhound girl in Davenport / stayed up all night on speed / Left her in Denver at daybreak / with more lies than she’ll ever need /

I combed my hair in a truckstop mirror / and swore to start over again / but now that’s past / and it’s plain / that I’m just the same drunk rambler as I was back then /

(Chorus) So give me the shot to cure my pain / whether or not the cure and death are the same / I wanna feel these dreams runnin’ in my vein / but first, give me the shot to kill my pain /

All my saviors must be stuck in traffic / and all my friends just keep buyin’ me drinks / I’m lookin’ for a sign, but none have passed yet / so I say, as I sink /

These states are no more than my footsteps / these countries are no more than crimes / All my dreams have borders / I can’t live behind these lines /


I drove up I-65 to the downtown exit / and I felt I had arrived / I found myself walkin’ up 2nd Avenue / I laid my case down at my feet / and tucked in a doorway of that busy street / I started playin’ and waitin’ for dreams to come true / The water was high, and I could smell it from here / and all the southern belles and the cheap beer /

The Bellsouth tower was silhouetted in black / and aside from velvet thunder / it was the only thing with a color like that / at least this close to the Wild Horse Saloon / But that old muddy river continued to rise / as I played and was paid by the distaste in their eyes / It must’ve been them old-timey tunes /

(Chorus) Nashville / who will / save you from yourself / now that you’ve killed Hank Williams /

It hadn’t rained for over a week / so no one could explain why the Cumberland was on Broadway Street /  headin’ up to the Ryman Opry House / but I heard Hank’s songs in the waves as they would break / He was singin’ sad and sayin’ it was too late / They’d already sold their souls off just like Faust /


I’ll sail away with the legacy on my guitar case / singin’ your eulogy / and I hope you can float on top of your millions

Cardboard and wood strewn across the floor / damn stove won’t fire up anymore / You know it’s getting cold out / when the wasps / come down to walk /

Look at them bottles piled up in the sink Honey / you haven’t missed any miracles here / I traded in my weightlessness / for this bitter chair I’m sitting in /

(Chorus) All this longing keeps me high / I dreamed up all them stars / could’ve been bright / like Orion thrown from a winter’s night / on some foreign coast /

(Chorus Continued) Sick of hanging around / sick of hanging around / I’m sick of hanging around / just me and your ghost /

Bought me a little house just outside of town / It’s perfect for one / but two’s a crowd / That’s alright with me for now / ‘cuz I don’t see you around / except for everywhere, I mean your ghost / it follows me down / into my dreams when I sleep /
she’s up in the morning /


Cardboard and wood strewn across the floor /damn stove won’t fire up anymore / You know it’s getting cold out when the wasps come down to walk / Look at them bottles piled up in the sink / Honey, you haven’t missed any miracles here / Just me and an old friend / and we’re sharin’ a drink

(Chorus Continued)

released October 31, 2014

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Andrew Gragg Lundsford at Kodiak Lake Studio in Ward, Colorado.



Dawn opened my window / came into my room stumbling / Sent my alphabet block dream castle crumbing / Fumbling for the light switch / singing in pitch with the lark /

(Chorus) She moves slow / and graceful / Pulling the stitch that holds me to the dark /

I stood stark and bare against the morning like a babe / The cool air, bewildering / like freedom on a slave / I was saved beyond all reckoning or repair /

(Chorus, Slightly different) She moves slow and graceful / Killing with kindness the nightmares 

The city lights twirl by like a carousel / Hold on tight, we might just ride this thing to Hell / The tracks run out from underneath your sleeve / and underneath this train that takes us into Tennessee /

(Chorus) Just give us a place to lay our heads / We’ll ride these rails until we’re dead / We ain’t gonna change for no man or state / Full steam ahead /

It’s Alabama by nightfall / Louisiana by dawn / freedom, if the lawmen don’t find out which train we’re on / We got no food for cooking’ / nah the Sterno’s just for light / but the way it hits your cherry lips whets my apatite /


The jungle down in Baton Rouge is more than ya ever seen / but tonight, just shut your eyes, my love, and let ’em light your dreams / ‘Cause come this time tomorrow / we’ll have reign of the whole damn camp / It might be Hell for a christian / It’s Heaven for a tramp

(Chorus x2)

Burn that white flag, I’ve gone mad / I wouldn’t fly that color to save my soul / Was it the fact I was born bad, or the guidance that I had / that designed me to self destruct before I’m sold /

(Chorus) It’s down to the wire, the stakes get higher / I walk through fire / I’ll never tire

(Verse) The key to the brave, is they think they’ll be saved / right up until the day that they’re dead and gone /I guess I’m the same / I can’t fathom my fate / so I believe my name is the chosen one / and that’s my loaded gun /

My only weakness lies between me and my woman / She’s the only thing worth bein’ weak for / If you saw my love for her, you might think I was bluffin’ / but that would only be because you never sought more / Yes, I guess perhaps you really should have thought more / on the things that you let your soul be bought for /

And tell me why / I should comply with a system that sucks /dreams dry / Will it offer me security / How much does it cost / Not much / just my right to be free


(Repeat verse)

Love is like a cannonball / Open the door / or it’ll use the wall / And blow your heart into smithereens / Leave the prettiest mess that you’ve ever seen /

But how does it go when you’re on your own / Love is a river / you’re a sinking stone / It rose like the sun light filled up your home / But it sank like a bomb and left you shivering to the bone

Love is like a speeding train / It’ll take you where you’re going unless you’re standing in its way / And then it blows you right off the tracks / And leaves you with regrets that you can never take back /

But these are the instruments we all paint with / The pigment of a prayer, the water of a myth /And we can destroy the only reason to live / Or we can create what they say don’t exist /

And it all just turns to fire and rain / And you will never be the same again / It’s true, you may just be a pawn in the game / But then again, this may be no game at all / Love’s a cannonball

(Verse) Hey Son, how ya been / I hear Los Angeles can turn boys to men / Yeah well, hey, Pop / you know, it’s not quite like that / It’s more like they turn dreams into cold, hard facts /

(Chorus) And I feel like coming home / I feel all alone /

Somewhere in Nebraska, a ghost of the Boss’s harp blows / and somewhere on I-80 / an 18 wheeler rolls / And there’s a little boy riding shotgun / his Papa’s listening’ to Hoyte Axton and they’re trying to find the alphabet / in the license plates as they pass ’em /

And I miss you, I’m sorry I never tell you / but a man has got an ego that won’t let him say what he needs too /

(Chorus x2)


I’m trying to dig up change for the Kansas Turnpike toll / I’m trying to dig up faith in the strength left in your soul / These county lines, they flash by with every cigarette /

(Chorus) Yeah, this is the longest night that I’ve had to drive through yet /

Every hotel room smells like death / The clouds across the moon move slow like your breath / I wonder why the good times were so easy to forget /


The fog lights come on with the rain / Missouri is gone but not the pain / And I’m praying to God now but I don’t know if he exists / but what else could I do for you on a night like this /

Your heart still pumps blood, I wish that it pumped hope / I’m trying to bring you love at the end of your rope / I’m blowing back these speed limit signs just trying to outrun regret /

(Chorus x3) 

I wake up every morning, about the break of dawn / I hear the rooster crowing, and I’m feeling all alone / There’s honeysuckle outside my window / Dew sparkling on the vine / and those little squirrels are barking like they was mountain lions /

I get to thinking about the road / and all the times they come back again /  I was born a child of these muddy roads / and I’ll die here lonesome as the wind /

Because all my cars, they done broke down / layin’ in my front yard / I ought get one together but the work just seems too hard / A man come by this morning wanting to paint my barn / Well, he painted, See Rock City, US Hwy 31 /

I used to have a church woman you know / pretty as she could be / run off with a gospel singer down in Nashville, TN / So I drink a lot of liquor, Lord, I drink a lot of booze / I’m a midnight country rambler, you know / and I ain’t got much to lose /

I wake up a lot of mornings, laying down in jail / My head, it will be hurting’, you know, and I won’t be feelin’ too well / Now, that ol’ fat-bellied sheriff / he’ll come a walking’ up to me / He wants to know how it feels / not being free /

I tell him / It doesn’t matter lord / I don’t care a whole lot /
‘Cause I’d rather be in jail in Hell than a fat fucking cop /

A man come by this morning wanting to paint my barn / Well, he painted, See Rock City, US Hwy 31

released July 4, 2012

All songs written by Clay Rose, except “White Trash,” written by Steve Young